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  Luzon is the biggest and economic most important island of the Philippines.

  The main reasons are:


    the presence of the national capital Manila 

     the national airport is situated here

     the possibilities for many tourist round trips 

     most  industries and services are located in Metro Manila


  Luzon has a lot of attractions for tourist round trips. 

  Many tourists will visit:


     Metro Manila with the remnants of the old historical center of Manila, the  contrasts between traditional 

         and modern, not  only in architecture, but also in the mixture of  means of transportation and economic activities

     The volcanoes the Pinatubo, the Taal and Mount Mayon

     The rice terraces and colorful mountain tribes in the northern part of the island

     The 'hot' places for leisure Subic Bay and Angeles City



Metro Manila volcanoes rice terraces former American military bases Jeepneys mountain tribes

Metro Manila

Volcanoes on Luzon

Rice terraces in Northern Luzon

Angeles City and Subic bay

Traffic in 

Metro Manila

Mountain tribes on Luzon


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