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Metro Manila

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  What about Metro Manila?


Metro Manila is the total urban area that  is composed of different cities and  the surrounding urban fringe. The proper city Manila is only one of the big cities of this urban agglomeration. Metro Manila, or the 'National Capital Region'  as they say in the Philippines,


is a real metropolitan area. On 636 square kilometer live more than 10 million inhabitants. The biggest city in this metropolitan area is Quezon city, with more than 2 million inhabitants. Manila, as the second biggest city within Metro Manila, counts 1,58 million inhabitants in 2000.

What's in the name Manila?!

The name 'Manila' has a special meaning. The original name was "MayNilad". It was the name of the pre-colonial Moslem settlement. Already before the Spaniards came to May Nilad, the place was a small but prosperous trading port. The name means: 'where the blossoming water plants grow'.

Intramuros, a City of Spain in the Orient

Soon after  the Spaniards conquered May Nilad, they decided to build a fortified settlement to protect their trade in the Orient. Spanish style house, monasteries, churches and schools were build within  walls.  Seven gates  were the connection with 'the outside world'. Though the Japanese army ruined  90 percent of the urban area, there are still some remnants of the medieval walled city of Intramuros



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Wall of Intramuros

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From Manila to Metro Manila


As the city of Manila grew and other cities in the surrounding region got bigger, all these places (7 cities and 9 towns) grew together to the huge metropolitan area of today, Metro Manila! The total urban area counted in 2000 almost 10 million inhabitants. Manila City is, with 1.6 million inhabitants, not the biggest city in the area. The two biggest cities are Calloocan City (1.17 million) and Quezon City (2.17 million).



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Metro Manila


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Metro Manila

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