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Animals in the Philippines

Hundreds of  species!


The Philippines is a tropical country with a 'Tropical rainforest climate'.

The high temperatures and the continuously high humidity the whole year through, make that there are more than 3500 species of plants and animals! 


Influence of the tropical climate

Plants and animals are adjusted to the tropical climate and specific qualities of the tropical environment. 

Especially the tropical coral waters and the original tropical rainforests are the places, where hundreds of  

beautiful coloured and sometimes rare animals live.




Orange clown fish


Philippine eagle

whale shark



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Philippine Crocodile



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Fruit Bat

Flying Fox

Flying Lemur

Dwarf Water Buffalo



About the animals...


In the waters of the Philippines there are more than 2000 different kinds of fish. Added to that figure, the country counts about 200 different kinds of reptiles and 25000 different insects. The smallest monkey and the biggest fish in the world, they both live in the Philippines! Spectacular is the colourful underwater-world. Every year many tourists come to

the Philippines to one of the islands, where scuba diving brings them to this amazing underwater-world.  

The Philippines can show you what a typical tropical country can offer in species of animals. Of course, not all animals are rare or specific for the Philippines. That is for sure if you take the carabao, the cocks or the lizards. 


Mga Tokó, as the people in de Visayas call the small lizards, are living in houses and other buildings in every tropical country.

Tokó (lizard)