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Animals in the tropical forests


Do you want to meet animals in the tropical rainforest? 


The best possibilities to explore tropical rainforest in the Philippines are on the islands Bohol, Mindanao and Palawan. These are the islands where  still a big part of the original jungle is conserved. Several organizations  organize day-trips into the jungle. However, to meet the animals of your choice is  not so easy. Species are often rare and animals are most of the time hiding when they hear strange noise. Moreover, the animal density per acre or even by hectare is not high. 

Which animals you'll meet on your discovery

in the jungle?

Big chance that you will hear and see birds,  monkeys and insects.  Maybe snakes too! With a good guide you'll be probably lucky, not only to hear the animal sounds, but also to see the animals. Some animals are very rare. The most known of these rare animals in the Philippines are

the Philippine Eagle and the Tarsier.


The Tarsier

The smallest monkey in the world, the Tarsier,  lives in the Philippines. The height is between 90 to 160 mm (3.5 to 6.25 inches), the weight between 70 to 165 grams.

The Tarsier is an insect-eating animal, but small

lizards are too a wanted meal. With their big eyes they have a very acute night vision which makes them good night hunters. Their big ears can move in the direction of any noise. With their heads  they are capable to make a fast switch of 180 degrees, which make their hunting qualities high.




Monkey in the tropical forest  on Palawan island

Picture: Harry Boer



Pictures: Tarsier Foundation

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It's sad that, because of a relatively fast deforestation of the tropical rainforests on the Philippine islands, the number of tarsiers has showed a dramatic reduction. On

the island Bohol a foundation tries to protect the Tarsier species, a difficult task in a country where still economic interests cause illegal logging.