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Animals in the countryside (1)

The Carabao

If you visit villages in the countryside, you will see the animals which are common in the normal life of all Filipinos and in the lives of  most Asian people: Dogs,  chickens, cocks and the water buffalo (Carabao). Though ordinary animals, they are in some respects interesting for

foreigners. For instance the Carabao. Tourists are always  interested in  the carabao. Taking a picture of this animal, while it is working on the rice-field or while it is resting in a place of water and mud, is a standard activity of tourists.


The Carabao, the "National Animal"

The National Animal of the Philippines is the carabao, the Asian Water Buffalo!

If you travel through the countryside, you sure will discover the carabao. 

The carabao (water buffalo) is still a very important draught-animal on the

rice-fields. The carabao is also used for pulling activities in the forest. If not working, the water buffalo  can be seen while it is resting, many times in a place of water and mud. That's a standard activity of the animal too!


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The Paragos


The farmers often use the "Paragos", a wooden apparatus, to flatten the land for farming. 

By standing on it, the pressure is enough to flatten the land in a sufficient way. Some farms  have already machinery. This is especially in low lying regions. Using tractors is more efficient, because it is a much faster way of working. However, not so many farmers will financially be able to invest in machinery. Most farmers are too poor for mechanization. At times, they rent the tractors of those who have it.

The preference to use the carabao is still common, especially in upland regions.



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Picture Scott Williams



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