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Cebu island

Cebu city, the Queen City of the south

The capital of Cebu island is Cebu City. Cebu City is the first Spanish settlement in the country and the oldest city in the country. 

In the beginning of the 16th century the Spaniards arrived in the southern part of the Philippines. Since then Cebu City has been  the centre of trade and commerce in the southern part of the Philippines.

Mactan island

In the urban area of Cebu City there is an important seaport and the nation's second largest airport is located on  Mactan Island, near to Cebu City. It makes clear that Cebu city is the economic heart of the southern part of the country. Modern industries, owned by foreign investors as well as local industries, brought a lot of employment.

What has Cebu to offer to tourists?

For tourists the island Cebu, its capital Cebu City and the nearby smaller islands have a lot of attractions. Many things to do and to see.





Sun, sea and beach, inclusive  possibilities for diving


Local industries (the production process)


The charm of the activities in the local service sector,

           by day and in the evening

Traces from the Spanish and religious past in Cebu City





Sun, sea and beach tourism

Many tourists from abroad will directly fly to Cebu's airport. From Cebu they spread out by boat to the many islands in the Visayas or they stay on Cebu island. 

On Mactan island tourism is well developed. Many dive centres and dive resorts (more than 75) arrange day excursions and diving safaris to  the surrounding dive sites. Not only in the  nearby waters, but especially to the nearby small islands. Cebu became the country's top tourist destination. 

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Mactan island



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