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Causes of the regional differences in weather conditions


The extent of the country 

     Influences of relief      

The Philippines is a large country.  

Located on the northern part of the earth, the country stretches from the 5th grade in the north  to the 21st grade in the south. It means a distance from north to south of about 1850 km. 


The extent of the country, inclusive all the waters, is from west to the east about 1000 km.  

Because of the great length of the country from north to south, differences in weather figures are normal.

Another important factor that  influences  the climate and daily weather figures, is the relief. 

Differences in altitude cause some differences in climate conditions and weather in some parts of the Cordillera Central in Northern Luzon. These differences are: more rain and a bit lower temperatures! 

Many persons prefer the more or less 'moderate' temperatures in the mountainous areas above the high temperatures of the lower regions and places like for instance Metro Manila.




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Northern part of the Philippines

Manila, Luzon


Central part of the Philippines (Visayas)

Tacloban, Leyte Forecast
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Southern part of the Philippines

Davao city, Mindanao



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