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Sun, sea, beach and fresh fruit. These are the ingredients of a relaxing stay in a tropical country like the Philippines. For the utmost feeling,  it's a must to learn to know the typical tropical fruit. Though nowadays  you can buy most of this fruit in the USA and in European countries, the taste is at the best in the tropical country itself. So, if you be there, go to the market, buy the fruit and explore the taste of the tropical fruits!




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The atis fruit has a scaly skin. The fruit is almost round  and about 10 cm wide. It is called a 'sugar apple'. The taste of the  flesh of the ripe fruit is slightly sweet and soft. The many black pips are scattered through the flesh of the atis.




In the Philippines grow many different varieties of bananas.  There are bananas which are not sweet and only used for cooking  and there are  sweet and tasteful bananas. Bananas can differ  remarkable in size as well as in color; from yellow  to  red-skinned to green bananas. One variety is not loved by foreigners. That is the banana, rather small in size,  with seeds in it. Bananas healthy? They regulate bowel flow.




The coconut is a large, hard-shelled nut. On the inner side of the hard nut, is a white shell of about half a centimeter. It's the coconut flesh, nice to eat. The nut has a hollow center filled with milky fluid. Very good to take if you are thirsty!  The coconut palm tree is known as the "tree of life". It yields timber, food, coconut milk, alcohol (tuba), vinegar and the tree delivers material to make all kind of products like for instance baskets, rope, brushes. The palm tree also gives the opportunity to make oil for food and cooking and is used for feeding domestic animals and for fertilizer. Last but not least, the coconut oil is used for health benefits as well. Coconut is rich in B vitamins.

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Pictures: E. A. Artajo,


Pineapple plantations

There are a lot of 'plantations' in the Philippines. On these large commercial agricultural businesses one single product (plant) is dominating. In the Philippines there are among others banana, coconut, mangosteen and pineapple plantations. Some of  the worlds biggest pineapple plantations (by Del Monte and Dole) are located in the Philippines on Mindanao. The Philippines is (after Thailand) the second largest producer of pineapples in the world .

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