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The durian is considered as 

"the king of all tropical fruit". The durian fruit is  very big and  heavy. A durian can weight up to 10 pounds. The whole skin consists of big, sharp and hard spines!  Asian people are really fans of this 'king'. To open a durian, you need to insert a knife between the spines. The durian is high in proteins, minerals and fats. The durian is one of the most expensive fruits. For Asian people it tastes so good that it is worth the money!




The fruit is green on the outside and almost white in the inside. There are some small seeds in it, which can be eaten. The fruit can be compared with a common pear. The taste is very light sweet. In the Philippines it is also known as "bayabas". Guava healthy? Guava is rich in vitamin C.




Jackfruit is the largest tree-born fruit in the world. The jackfruit can reach 40 kilos in weight and up to 36 inches long and 20 inches in diameter! The exterior of the jackfruit is green or yellow when ripe. The interior consists of large bulbs of yellow, banana-flavoured flesh.  Opening the fruit, will bring you a nice and soft odour like the pineapple or banana.





This fruit is very small , about 3 cm. It is cheap and commonly used to make fresh lemon juice. By pressing the fruit the juice  that comes out  can be mixed with water. It is very refreshing.  The leaves  can be used in cooking. In some places the fruit is used to make a shampoo that is insect repelling. Lemons are healthy too. Rich in vitamin C. More advantages are: it kills bacteria when applied to seafood. Moreover, it disinfects wounds and, important in the tropics,  it reduces the itch of insect bites.




The mango is considered "the most majestic of Philippine fruits". Mango's have a green, green-yellow, yellow-red or yellow-red-green colour. Most of the mangos in the Philippines  will turn their colour from green to yellow as they ripen. The mango fruit  can be up to 20- 25 centimetres long. At this maximum length they can have a weight of two kilos.  For export, mangos of  8 to 12-centimeters long are preferred. Mango is rich in sugar and is a source of vitamin  A, C, and D. 




Mangosteen is a delicious fruit. It has a thick, dark-red (or is it purple-brown?) skin. The fruit has the size of a mandarin. Inside the fruit you will find nice creamy and sweet white segments. The taste is delicate, sweet-acid and the pulp seems to melt in the mouth. Some think that mangosteen is "the finest of all fruits". Mangosteen is for that reason known as "the queen of the fruits"


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Jackfruit: Suzanne Kores, Fairchild Tropical Garden

Durian tree, Mangotree: Yamasaki  Lab. Plant Photo Gallery

Guava, Mangosteen and trees: E. A. Artajo,  

Durian fruit: Shunyam Nirav,

Lemonsito: Erick C.M.Fernades,

Coconut: N. van der Drift