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Leyte is one of the bigger islands of the  country. The island counts only two  cities of moderate size. Tacloban, situated in the northeast, is the


provincial capital of the island and far out the biggest city of Leyte. Ormoc City in the western part of the island, is smaller and a more typical  regional town with a mixture of features of modern  and  traditional services.  

Service activities in Ormoc City

Ormoc City is always full of activity. People are engaged in all kind of services. The daily fish- and meat markets, vegetables & fruit markets are always full of people and are very nice to visit. The streets in the inner core of the city are the area of many tricycles, minibuses (multicabs) and jeepneys. In many different colors and ornaments!

Employment for the locals

Ormoc City as a regional town, offers many jobs in two hospitals, the local government offices, banks, schools and a few bigger hotels and restaurants. Besides these formal (official) services, most people are active in the smaller shops, restaurants, on the markets and especially in the transportation of goods and persons.

Since years ago the sugarcane fabric near Ormoc was closed, the only possibilities for paid jobs are in the public and private service sectors of the economy.

Despite these opportunities for jobs in Ormoc City,  there is a growing demand for paid work and the unemployment is high and growing every year. This problem of unemployment is all over the country.


Original and colorful  means of transportation


Only few families have their own means of transportation. There are only few private cars. Also you'll will hardly see bikes  on the streets. Most of the time Filipinos will pay some pesos to make use of one of the cheap means of transportation. Even for short distances of a few hundreds of meters, many Filipinos prefer to make use of a tricycle in stead of walking. This 'tradition created possibilities for a well developed transportation sector with many kinds of cheap transportation means.  That is the reason that in Ormoc City too traffic is present all over the place.  

Though sometimes noisy, it's never irritating. On the contrary, its colorful,  original (tricycles, multicabs and jeepneys with all kind of flags, names and attributes on the outside borders) and especially cheap. To see and experience a real mixture of all means of transportation ( the tricycle, the multicab (small minibus), the jeepneys, old busses with open windows (no glass) and modern busses (with air co), just go to Ormoc City! 

Multicab in Ormoc

Picture: E.C. de Schoolmeester



Every day's fish market in Ormoc City

Meet the Filipino people!

Filipinos are remarkable friendly and gentle to foreigners. The people seems to be smiling all the time. They like it (most of the time) when a foreigner, wants to take a picture of them. On the market too,  Filipinos  seems to have an ever lasting smile. And, as if they know the foreigner from before, more than once somebody will call you (at least, when you are a man.) ......" Hey Joe!". Most of the time they know your nationality too:

"Hey, Americano!" 

Fredo, Ormoc City


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