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Geothermal energy on Leyte

The Philippines has several possibilities to get clean and cheap energy. The tropical climate and the geological circumstances are responsible for three different energy resources:

  solar energy, cheap and inexhaustible

  natural gas (enormous mass found on Palawan)

  relative cheap "geothermal" energy

Leyte is one of the Philippine islands where geothermal energy   is produced.

Power plant in Tongonan, region Ormoc City, Leyte (Picture: PNOC)


The production of geothermal energy

In the Philippines geothermal energy already  provides 27% of the country's total electricity production generated in power plants. Geothermal power plants are on the islands Luzon, Negros, Mindanao and Leyte.

Cheap energy


The production of the electricity by geothermal plants is cheaper than the electricity produced in plants by using natural gas and coal. It is even cheaper than electricity produced by hydro power stations.


What is 'geothermal energy'

The natural heat within the earth is the motor of the 'geothermal energy'.

In fact, the earth serves as a hot water-boiler.

The heat of the earth warms up water (fluids) which is trapped in rock formations thousands of feet  (3000 meter) beneath the earth's surface. 


 How to make use of the hot water?

The way to make use of this hot water is drilling wells. On the surface there must me (made by companies) certain facilities to use the natural pressure in order  to convert the hot water in hot steam. 

The steam can be brought by pipelines to power plants. In these plants the steam is used to power turbines, which can generate electricity.


Hot steams possibilities in weak belts of the earth


The possibility of getting the hot steam is only in weaker parts of the crust of the earth. The Pacific Rim is such a weak belt. The Philippines is located  in the Western part of the Pacific Rim. In this weak belt  deep fractures occur in the earth's crust and the  tens of volcanic centers are the consequences of these fractures. 

The hot molten material (magma) inside the inner earth is in this belt close enough to the earth surface to heat the water reservoirs, from which the hot steam can be generated!

Philippine's geothermic production worldwide


Worldwide, the Philippines rank second to the United States in producing geothermic energy.

Leyte is one of the island in the Philippines where geothermic power plants were developed. The developments here started in 1977 by the company PNOC.

Many of the geothermic natural resources are still waiting to ' be harnessed for steam'.  


(source: Sustainable Energy News No.11, November 1995)


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