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Employment on local markets 


and other outlets


The service sector offers  many possibilities to earn money


Paid jobs in the modern and bigger companies in the services sector and industrial sector or  not wide spread. On the contrary. There is a  enormous lack of jobs  for those (young) persons who  are graduated or who have a training in a specific direction.  


Regular income


For those who live in  the urban areas like Metro Manila, Cebu City and Davao City and regional towns,  the service sector  offers good possibilities to have a regular income. More than 40 % of the working people find a job in one of the services, especially in the small family restaurants, the transportation sector and retail trade. 


Picture: Fried Bananas, nice and cheap!

Image: Website Nisikori, Hiroyuki & Kunchan


The local markets and  cheap products

The trade on the local markets and alongside streets in the open air or  outlets in covered sale-buildings, offer a lot of possibilities for many families. Many families  developed their own small business. Most of these small businesses are not officially registered. They form the "informal service sector". One other most important advantage of this informal sector of the economy is, that the prices of products and in general all the services, are rather cheap if compared to the price level in the formal shops, restaurants and other officially registered business.


fishmarket in Ormoc City

The local markets are attractive for many tourists. There is a lot to see, to hear, to smell and especially  a lot to eat or to buy for a very moderate price. Markets in the Philippines are in many respects quite different from the markets in the USA or European countries.


Outlets for dried fish, meat and cigarettes

Selling dried fish on the market in Ormoc City

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Dried fish - market in Ormoc City, Leyte Dried fish - market in Ormoc City, Leyte
Seller in Cebu City
Selling cigarettes, cafe powder, chocolate, candies, per piece, sac or packet (Cebu City)

Part of the meatmarket in Ormoc City

Pictures: E. C. de Schoolmeester / D. de Schoolmeester

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