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Local markets


On the vegetables and fruit markets (2)



In a market stall or just on the ground

Many times a market stall has only one, two or three different kinds of  fruit for sale. The fruit and vegetables are exposed for sale in small baskets, on some board and trestles or just on  the ground. 


Prices of products: 


Atis, 3 pieces: 6 pesos

bulletBananas:  2  pesos / piece


Selecting the best

On the market the costumer will select the pieces which, she thinks, are the best. This is to be seen  on the fruit- and vegetables market as well as on the fish market.


Price of santol? 

About 10 pesos per 10 pieces.


Unripe fruit

Unripe mango's spread out on the flour or in a fruit stall.

Mangos are eaten ripe as well as unripe. Unripe mango's, shown on the picture, are popular to eat with a bit of salt. 


Price of the products: 


labana: 10 pesos / piece


Mango: 3 small pieces: 10 pesos


Different prices per region


The prices of fruit and vegetables  can differ per period of the year. Most of the time the prices are cheaper  in the rural areas. On the markets in the big cities the prices are higher. 


The prices of the mangga are per half a kilo (medya)  or kilo.

ripe mango 30 - 50 peso /kilo


Apples are expensive

Apples are not sold that much on the local markets in the Philippines. The apple fruit trees are rare to discover throughout the country. Apples are often imported from other countries. That's why the prices are rather high. 


Prices of the products:

apples: 12-18 pesos each


guava (big): 10 pesos each


Pictures: Website Nisikori,  Hiroyuki & Kunchan

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