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Mindanao is the second largest island of the country. It is an interesting island in many respects. 

Mindanao is one of the three islands in the Philippines where there are  good possibilities to explore the  tropical rainforest. Still a big part of the original jungle is conserved here. For  tourists seeking adventure Mindanao offers possibilities for jungle tracking and climbing the highest mountain of the Philippines. Visiting the second largest lake of  the country is also possible. Visitors of the island who are interested in culture could make a daytrip to one of the mountain tribes. 


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Meet mountain tribes

There are still several indigenous people living on Mindanao. They are traditional in many respects.

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Discover the daily life of the Mindanao people


In the rural areas you can meet the farmers and see their traditional ways of working on the fields. In the coastal areas you can visit the fishermen villages. On the beaches you sure will  be able to see the way how young children are fishing with their nets.


the National Fish


Children try to catch a specific  tiny 'baby' fish, the 'Bangus fry'.

They catch these Bangus fry to put them in ponds on the land, where the fry will grow up to the grownup National fish of the Philippines, the Bangus (milkfish).     



Climbing the sacred mountain


Mount Apo is with 3144 meters above sea-level, the highest peak in the Philippines. The name makes that clear! 'Apo' means "grandfather of all mountains". For the  indigenous people living in the mountain area, Mount Apo is  considered sacred. The origin of the mountain is volcanic. It is an inactive volcano. No eruptions were ever recorded. 

This huge mountain is attractive for nature lovers and sportive mountain climbers. Guided trips are organized by the Department of Tourism in Davao City. The attractions during this mountain tracking are plenty. You will get the feeling of being part of the environment during your walking trip through the forest and alongside the slopes of the mountain.



The Philippine Eagle

The mount Apo area is the last remaining territory of the Philippine Eagle in the country. On the island it is possible to make an excursion into the tropical rainforest to discover the Philippine eagle, the National Bird of the Philippines, which is known as the monkey eating eagle. 

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