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 Beautiful landscapes

The province of Palawan is one of the most attractive regions of the country. Not only the 1770 small islands, but also the main island Palawan! Beautiful landscapes on this 425 km long and 40 km width island are like a paradise on earth for nature lovers. For  'nature lovers' and 'adventurers,  the coasts on the west side of the island with their rock formations and the underwater river near Sabang, are real attractions. Palawan island distinguishes itself too by its tropical forests.

Palawan, double click to enlarge the map

An "El Dorado" 

for tourists and nature lovers!

Discover the tropical rainforest of Palawan!


For an adventure in the tropical jungle you should visit Palawan. The rainforest on the island is well known  because of its huge trees. Many are rare. You can only find them on this island! With a little bit luck, you'll meet some of the typical tropical animals, who live in this still original tropical rain forest. Almost 25 percent of all the animal species in the Philippines live only on Palawan. Among these rare animals are the Cobra king and many butterflies,  some of them as big as your hand.

Deserted white-sanded beaches

Busuanga - Coron island close to Palawan

Picture: Kubo sa Dagat


Campaign to save the forest successful!

Logging is the threat of all rainforests  in the Third World. In the Philippines too. Much of the forest has already been lost because of logging.


 Many ancient trees have been cut down. For many years already there were campaigns of action groups against the illegal logging. At last they were successful on Palawan. The Philippine government took the necessary measures to halt large-scale logging. Even the former logging bosses now profess to be environmentalists. In other parts of the Philippines however, the government didn't succeed yet to prevent all illegal cutting of the tropical giants.


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