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Jeepneys and other means of transportation

Jeepney in Manila

Jeepneys are the most common form of public transport throughout the many islands of the Philippines. In Manila they are so numerous, that  there is almost  constantly traffic congestion. The jeepneys don't have air-conditioning. They have open windows. Most of the time the jeepneys are constantly-packed with many passengers. Jeepneys offer one of the cheapest ways of getting somewhere. They seldom have  a special place to stop. The drivers will slow down enough to enable the passengers to jump on or out. 

Left picture: © AntoniodelaCova

Overloaded jeepneys

In the countryside the jeepneys offer possibilities to carry all kind of stuff. Chickens, sometimes even a pork, 50 kg sacs with rice and so on. Passengers are inside the jeepney, but more than once hanging on the back of the jeepney. The jeepneys are many times overloaded. Overloaded?  There's always room for "just one more". So, if someone  asks you 'How many people can you fit in a jeepney?',  you know the only answer: " Just one more!"

The route


On the side of the jeepneys, the names are written of the two places which are the outer places on the specific (fixed)  route of the jeepney.


Picture: © Scott Williams


The origin of the jeepney

One of the remnants of the American military presence in the Philippines during the second World War, is still to be seen in the whole Philippines, in many colors and 'all over the place': the jeepneys! Jeepneys are of origin old American jeeps. They were used in the war against the Japanese army who occupied  the Philippines during several years. After the Japanese army was defeated and the American military mission was completed, the jeeps were left by ten thousands on the islands in the Philippines.

From jeep to jeepney

The Filipinos  saw possibilities  to make out of these jeeps  real transportation means by making these jeeps  about two meters longer and by putting two long seats in it, one on each side from the front to the back. Jeepneys are since  then used as small busses for cheap transport of people, goods and even sometimes little animals.

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